[readme] About the ECOSYSTEM category and its tags

This category is for discussing blockchain projects (doesn’t matter they’re using dfuse or not). As usual, please refer to the Community Guidelines and keep all discussions civilized.

Tags are a great way to target the right people to read your post. It’s also an excellent way to get the attention of the right dfuse team members if you need help with something. These are the tags that are available to you, in this specific section, and how you should use them:

  • dfuse: if your post is about dfuse.
  • chain-eosio: if your post is about the EOSIO blockchain.
  • chain-ethereum: if your post is about the Ethereum blockchain.
  • random: if your post is not about dfuse.

If you believe that we’re missing some tags that could enhance your experience, feel free to make suggestions by replying to this post.